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  • When you say gif you mean animated, or do you just want to change the file format?

    I usually use a german gif program called GIf-X, but it should be easy in photoshop too.
    Open picture A (edit it if you want to)
    When you are done Add a new layer and add picture B (and so on if you have more pics)

    Click "save as compuserve gif"

    You'll get to choose animation speed (just play around til it looks good to you), and be sure to click "animate".
    will watch, can't promise it yet. tomorrow's event I can't do. Ask Cuti :tup:
    I will maybe have time saturday morning/afternoon.
    I have time to do stuff tomorrow. I have no time tonight.
    so let's do it
    you do juve and saturday games,
    I do sunday and clasico and milan games?
    any idea?
    Hey gagi how do we do the weekend
    can you do the one of tomorrow
    I can do them of sunday? with big game for milan derby and el clasico?
    Hey gagi,
    can you do the games of thursday, then I will do them of tomorrow which game shall I do as big game?
    hey Gagi,
    I was planning to make events for tomorrow and sunday and juve game (if they aren't made already). I can't do only until tonight only :)
    so what are we doing?
    Yeah, I know it's kinda old, but I had to! Removed dhe-dhe's small penis though :D
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