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  • What master are you doing? And cool you end up in sg that is pretty dope. Are you going to live their a long time? Half indo - dutch of iets anders? Yes I go many times to amsterdam. I working in insurance industry So also the financial world. Or are you into trading etc?
    Fan van willem II en hoe ben je in tilburg terecht gekomen?
    ik vind mijzelf ook wel knap hoor (niet super knap maar gewoon oke)
    I don't remember such thing. :lol:

    So here we are accusing each other and none of us even remembers what has happened? :D
    She's fine, thank you for asking. :tup:

    Telling people to fuck off for disagreeing with me? I don't remember doing that very often, but I can understand if you don't like my style of living.

    Still not sure what was so wrong with my comment on Padoin thread. I just agreed with somebody else's post. :boh:
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