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  • Hey Johannes
    I am fine, and a lot in weekend mode, I had problems with getting into work this morning so need to stay at work till late. Then the weekend will finally starts. :weee: what about you?
    How is verona? ever been in torino? Yes Vianna was very nice, enjoyed it a lot very green city with lots of trees and parks. I want to go driving to italy with a friend and I am thinking about july-augustus but isn't sure at all
    Hey, how ya doin? Already in weekend mode? :)
    Yes, Vienna is actually a great city. Not too big, not too small. Very vivid scenes and subcultures. I have been to Verona in July, but plan to go to Torino next year. Maybe spend some more time there. Depends all on how things at work turn out.
    ok same here. I can't wait to go home, thinking about skipping lunch so I can go home earlier :D that really sucks ass. I am so lucky I got the extra tv channel and they always show juve. wow that is a very long time you are a supporter. Nice to have a local prof team to support too. I have been a full juve supporter since 1996 but I didn't follow them closely in those days since I was a kid and I had no internet or couldn't speak italian and english.
    I was last summer in Wien btw or Vianna how do you say. the big city :)
    Italy is amazing I like that country.
    yes exactly I have the same feeling.
    Sounds like my local team before they got broke :sad:
    I went for around 8 seasons to every home game, even though it was always so cold in their.
    Since they are gone I am full supporter of Juventus :).
    Excited for tonight? I started work early today so I can leave early for tonight :D
    how are you?
    We lost 1-0. The funny thing: even the ref admitted that he denied us two regular goals and one penalty. Great... Now let's hope the best for today! Hope you're doing fine :)
    no worry, it happens to me also a lot :)
    yes almost weekend :) or do you work in the weekend? did the weather change?
    what is your favourite local team? and are you going to the stadium or just watch the game? x
    hey Enzo, I now see your message,
    next time you can better go to the conversation between us then the messages come on my wall, instead of your own.
    But anyway. also back at work?
    and how is the weather. Do you have a laptop from work?
    In fact, currently I do. As a programmer you can be quite independent. damn, the weather is killing me xD
    ok having a nice job is the best, do you work from home a lot. I remember you telling the same last week too :D
    Yes :lol2: exactly
    I'm working and do like the job, but I'm also in the process of finishing my studies (computer science).
    Yeah, it's like I said when Ale finally lifted the trophy: "So is this the moment I have finally become a glory hunter again?" :)
    Hello Johannes, :P
    do you mind I call you like that. Good that is pretty nice weather, tbh I am bit jealous. Yes you should do that. Lately I see more juve jersey around here in the streets. Since we are doing well again :P

    Yes that is the reason I took an abo on the sporting channels, they show 95% of the juve matches, sometimes with a juve hater as commentator but still better then streaming. I went mad when it stutter, but you are right it is better then nothing.

    Yes my job is okish, I learn a lot and get a lot of expierences but ofcourse it isn't perfect. Still better to have a job then not having a job.
    what about you?
    Yes, beautiful weather outside with temperatures over 20° C. Looks like it will stay like this all the week.
    I guess I will take the opportunity and go running before the clash. Promote the game by wearing a Juventus jersey :D Yes, I am excited. I try to watch the games on tv, whenever I can. But I fear it's not on any channel I have today. A stream is better than nothing, but it's killing me when it starts to stutter or the quality is so low you cannot even recognize the players... www.livesoccertv.com is a website listing the channels all over the world broadcasting the game, if you want to check :)
    Congrats on your extension! So you do like your job? :)
    Good Morning. Nice weather in austria still? I was biking home yesterday and I had to look at for falling treeparts cos it was so windy. Further I am working today and yesterday my contract got renewed.
    Enzo always remind me of ferrari :D
    excited for tonight? do you watch serie a on streams or tv?
    Johannes :tup:
    yes my real name is Janna, I used to call myself different here but everyone calls me Janna so though let's just do that as my username too.
    again working today?
    good, yes tuz can be very entertaining, if people aren't trolling against you :tup:
    At my work it isn't that busy :) good luck at work today :)
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