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Nov 25, 2005
@DAiDEViL will be happy to know that according to some Brazilian outlets there’s been talks of him going back to Grêmio.

Best possible outcome imo. The Brazilian league is starving for this kind of talent (When fit) and we finally get rid of the guy for good. :baus:
I tried to remember other top clubs having any players who they were desperate to get rid of as much as we did.

It's insane how many we have/had.


Berna will save us
Jan 16, 2013
Can they afford him though?

We need to sell for at least ~11m and that salary...
They probably can. Also Its his childhood club, they could negotiate maybe a pay cut or smtg. Didn’t Tevez left for way less money?

Apparently Gremio’s president is the one pushing for the transfer. Now whether the guy is ready to leave Europe at 30 is another story.

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Sep 4, 2006
Dude makes what? 200k per week? He won't get half that if he signs for another club.

He won't be in the squad next season but I have hard time imagining we aren't going to have to pay some significant amount of his wage. Hopefully we can get a small transfer fee like 10mil or so to mitigate some of the loss.

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