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Mr Chocolate

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Dec 23, 2012
i'll never understand why a player wouldn't even be included the squad even if he is being rested
What happens if we get some unfortunate injuries during the game, its not like coming to the game will kill him


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Aug 21, 2010
kekekekk, and also Bayern would be like 14th in the Bundesliga if you take away Lewa and Mullers goal and assists, and Lazio wouldnt be a contender without Immobile and Alberto`s numbers but a point or two ahead of Samp and Genoa at the bottom of Serie A...

Very stupid attempt from this tweet star indeed, whats the point, proving that Ronaldo isnt the only key player in the team or that he wasnt in his killer mode several months ago? Well he is now, 2020 so far is Ronaldo`s year and his stats are superior to everyone's, including their beloved fun-sized financial wizard...

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