Mar 29, 2006
I really wanted to play Man United again this year but I won't complain.

A final against them would be the dream but it won't happen.
No it wouldnt considering our record and you can never be so sure what Juve what turn up. I expect Barca to knock them out. If we meet Barca in the final, that would be perfect.


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Mar 14, 2019

If/when we play against City, hopefully Max doesn't go as aggressive as in the 2nd leg against Atletico. Pep is a master at lightweight tiki-taka passing stuff, and that works like a charm when a team is putting a lot of pressure. They have great quick players, but besides that, I think they would easily choke against a side as Juve - tho, would rly love if Spurs could beat them.

Now Spurs vs. City - will be a an interesting match. I believe Pochettino isn't bad and imo if they come up with good tactics against City, they have a chance. Two legs goes in favor to Tottenham imo, and they are the underdog, so that could perhaps help them get their motivation up. Of course City has the pressure of lifting the Premier league title aswell.

Regarding Ajax - they are playing some nice football, but imo Allegri should aim at two cleansheet wins - Real is/was a mess. They shouldn't be able to upset us.

And Manutd vs. Barcelona - I think their defense is too weak to stand a chance against the likes of Coutinho, Suarez, Dembele and Messi. Only way of Manutd winning this one as I see it, is if top players like Pogba or Martial step up and have the best game of their life.

I feel like Barcelona beats Manutd - but the clash against Liverpool would be quite intense. I believe both teams can easily exploit each other defense.

All in all, interesting draws, semis will be really exciting.


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Mar 30, 2006
Great draw. For me the two worst opponents are in the other half. Barca because they are the best team besides us in the tournament, and pool because I think we could strugle to contain their front three.

Ajax should be a walkover.


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Feb 10, 2007
A very manageable draw, I trust Allegri's team not to get carried away and progress past them. It's important to recognise Ajax's strengths, can't let player like Frenkie or Ziyech dictate the play. They probably have more skilled mids, and play fearless football but Juve should be able to give then a reality check.

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