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Sep 13, 2011

And another good thing is no pesky Coppa Italia semi-final and final to contend with should we make it further in the CL.
There will be no Serie A come semifinals as well. :baus:


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Aug 21, 2010
They could but they didn't and they lost... we need to take this game very seriously or we are getting screwed like Real.
Why would you think that there`s a chance our players wont take seriously a 1/4 final of a tournament they expressed their desire to go all the way and eventually win? The first game in Amsterdam is literally the first serious game we have in our calendar from now till the season end, if anything games like Milan at home (right before the first leg) or especially SPAL away (between the first and the second leg) are the ones that we can face with less or no respect for the opponent and resting every single one of our starters (if Max decides to do so), and (almost) everyone wont care less if we lost some points vs Milan or SPAL AND progress to the 1/2 final, just like (almost) noone would give a shit if we dont win Derby d`Italia, Derby della Mole and/or away vs Roma AND progress to the final.

The next three games we have are Genoa, Empoli and Cagliari which should be 9 points won, while Napoli has Roma away which they wont win and with potential 20+ pts lead we can play a mix of Juventus Women and Juventus Under 17 players in each and every game until the end of Serie A and still win it.


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May 6, 2012
Not sure, but statistically it's better this way isn't it?

But yeah, i too am a fan of getting the job done at home, possibly keeping a clean sheet, and then go for away goals in the return leg.
Statistically, in the last 10 years its exactly 50/50. If we only count quarter finals and semi finals, because we can assume that the two sides are even on average, 30/60 times the home team in the first leg qualified.

I think we should rather look at our own record with Allegri and we have done quite well when we've played the first leg at home. We beat both Real Madrid and Barcelona.


May 11, 2004
Good draw, I did not want to get Ajax because they are somehow an unknown entity and they have a huge energy boost in beating Real. We also tend to be complacent when the opponent is not as big. Let's hope we have really learned lessons and go for the matches in the right mentality.

City or Tottenham afterwards? hmmm everything was made so that City and barca would not meet before the final? Let's make sure they won't meet at all.

Overall the draw was good and as many said meeting Liverpool or City later is an advantage. If we make it past Ajax I still think I'd rather meet City than Tottenham who have all the focus on the CL:


Mar 6, 2003
They are dangerous, but also very young overall.

If we play to our standards, they should have a hell of a time containing us. We will surely struggle with their offense and youth, but we have tricky players that if playing in top gear, will for sure complicate deligth and co.


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Dec 6, 2015
Ajax is a good draw and the game plan to beat them is exactly like we played the 2nd leg. Bar from city and Barca no team has the technical know how to play against that kind of pressure.
We murdered the best defence In the world the only thing left to worry is the one game final against probably barcelona if we don't score an own goal or some Juve final jinx, I think CR smells the CL trophy already and I think we got this one.


Mar 30, 2003
If we were drawn against City we would be the favorites. Saying that we would need them to choke in order to progress is madness.
That's not madness. If City play their best game and we don't they will beat us. They are the most in form team in Europe right now and have players who can really hurt us.

I still expect us to beat them but it's not madness to say I hope they choke.

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