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    Federico “Maurice” Cherubini

    Right on schedule after the Vice CEO and Vice GD
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    Weston McKennie

    Will do great for the Roma of EPL, West Ham United
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    World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    I'd like to see the pre game instructions for Ghana strikers
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    World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    Gotta write it right
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    Winter Mercato 2023

    Strahinja the fearless
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    Dani Alves

    Hist is always checking ratings, stats and comments tho, not sure Alves has that level of insight
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    Wojciech Szczęsny

    Sell while hype lasts
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    Dani Alves

    One thing he was right about. Probably came across one of hists classic posts before the interview
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    Dani Alves

    I am not sure I am following the reasoning here. This isn't some amateur or inexperienced player or a pundit talking about someone else, if he says he didnt play a long ball in his life he is probably right
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    Dani Alves

    He knows he was unbenchable in the CL, and mostly in Serie A as well when he was healthy. He played in a team with 4 attackers. He turning to Dani Alzes?
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    Dušan Vlahović

    The Jj dna
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    8 goals close to Klose
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    The Super League part deux?

    They should have made it the Qatar Airways Super League, better chance of succeeding. Also play all games there
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    [WC] World Cup 2022 - General Talk Thread

    Is that a gay armband?
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    Winter Mercato 2023

    Can't wait for Allegri to ruin another top defender