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    American NFL Football

    Recency bias. Last season the packs lost couple of games cause of absurd roughing the passer calls and missed the playoffs. Not sure about that theory, refs now suck all around, zero consistency
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    Matthijs de Ligt - CB - Ajax

    A gem from Redcafe: "We need to be in this. It's clear Juve are going to struggle to afford him, therefore they've tried to appeal to the player first. This is the same club that lives off free transfers and struggled to pay past €12 million for Darmian. Their wage bill must also be...
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    The YouTube/Video Junk Thread

    I'm sure he knows a lot about the law and various other lawyerings
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    The YouTube/Video Junk Thread

    An old Favorite. Dunkin Donuts, a classy place
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    João Cancelo

    I'm not gonna double down, you both make good points. Putting both posts together leads me to think the Sarri will use CR as a 9, cause then you have plenty of option for both flanks in both roles, a fact I didn't consider.
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    Good news indeed, too bad logic is extinct outside the major cities. Erdogan asked for a re-run of the election cause "fraud" and lost by even a bigger margin.
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    João Cancelo

    Yeah and we have Ronaldo. Both players you mentioned played as the inverted forward which was the point I made, all three players play on the left and are right footed.
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    João Cancelo

    Not about the side of attacking imo, he usually use an inverted forward on the left flank who drifts to the center, as a result the LB has space to push high and wide on the left. On the right side the winger stays wide and slightly deeper so the RB also stays deeper. So in the end it mostly...
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    João Cancelo

    If we are selling Cancelo it's because Sarri use a defensive right back who stays deep opposite to a very attacking Left back. And we all know by now that he can't defend. The fact that cancelo value is too high to sit on the bench and he wont be used much in his natural position makes his sale...
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    Maurizio Sarri

    Both CB's need to be very good in possession and short passing, often play short 1-2's even when close to their own goal with either the DM or the fullback, to break pressure, . In his system the defense always plays short passing from the back sometimes also willing to keeps the ball in order...
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    Tactics and Formations

    Sarri style of football is very much speed and press, as much as possession is. Possession in itself is not a goal in Sarri style, there is no keeping possession for just the sake of it (guardiola style), the goal is to have as many attacking plays as possible in 90 minutes. When in possession...
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    Egypt: from 2011 demonstrations to today

    They were protected so well that number of Christians in the middle east went from 20%-30% to around 4% in less then a century.
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    [Serie A] Chievo 2-3 JUVENTUS [August 18th, 2018]
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    I assume no here actually bothered to read the law before being triggered. What exactly do you guys take such an issue with? Personally I think it's regretful it passed. I take issue with “The state views the development of Jewish settlement as a national value and will act to encourage and...