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    J Stadium/Allianz

    ROME, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Turin city council has approved Juventus's plan for a new multi-million dollar training complex to be built next to their new ground, the ANSA news agency reported on Friday. The cost of the development in the Continassa area will be split between the club and the...
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    Antonio Conte

    Looking at the whole interview, I think he is clearly saying that we were prepared for what we accomplished in last 2 years, but the situation has changed, the bar has raised and now out of the respect for the fans and the club, we need to prepare differently to achieve something more. he is...
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    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    Well the interesting thing about this is, Chiellini actually have a academic degree in Economics.
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    Claudio Marchisio

    Man that dribble was awesome. He is always dedicated to the team play so his technical and dribbling talents are really underrated. he doesn't risk the game by showing off, but you can see when he is stuck or have no other choice, he can do some real magic.
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    Antonio Conte

    We can't know for sure, And I am just guessing. but at least it seems it wasn't something like this. for example Juve bought Ziegler in may (before arrival of Conte) but when Conte became coach he didn't want him. I believe at that point something like that wasn't discussed yet even if as...
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    Antonio Conte

    I don't Agree. Its was end of an era for Agnelli. he wanted to change the team completely, letting go of Ale was on the line with letting go of Trez, Camo and other players. If Ale stayed for another year I think was for the new stadium and for his symbolic and off the field influence\leadership...
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    Antonio Conte

    Here something I want to know juventuz's opinion about it, Lets put it this way: I know someone who believes in a conspiracy theory that Conte kicked Del piero out of Juve, as act of vengeance because Ale took his captaincy back in the day. Now he hates Conte and blame me for liking him or even...
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    I dropped my htc Desire on the water :-( Quickly removed the battery and sim, open some of the parts until it looks like this, Couldn't go further. used a paper tissue and towel to dry it, now its in a bag of rice. but there is another...
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    Filippo Boniperti

    I think he is in Empoli for this season, Matchday 1 : not even on bench :frown:
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    Hey, you are great. Thanks a lot.

    Hey, you are great. Thanks a lot.
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    Fernando Llorente - ST - Athletic Bilbao

    There was a great and useful post which was a list of every foreign player that played in Juve, divided by country and with information about number of games played and years they were in Juve. I have the link from older version of forum in my bookmarks which doesn't work (thread addressing has...
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    Fernando Llorente - ST - Athletic Bilbao

    His goals from last season : Espanyol - Head R.Sociedad - Foot (2) A.Madrid - Head Barcelona - Foot Levante - Head R.Madrid - Foot Rayo Vall - Head (2) & foot (1) Espanyol - Head Villarrea - Head Osasuna - Foot Sevilla - Head Granada - Head Mallorca - Head Salzburg - Penalty...
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    Andrea Pirlo

    This claim is not far from reality though : Player------------Pass--------Accuracy------Acc long ball------Acc Through ball--------Key pass------Cross Xavi-------------100.5-----------92.8--------------7.8----------------------0.6----------------2.4-----------0.8...
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    Antonio Conte

    In 2005-2006 season the last 2 games were draws. In the 2006-2007 season they were undefeated until week 31 with 6 more draws. So 8. These are the best undefeated records of Serie A : Milan (with Capello from 91 to 93) : 58 undefeated games ( 19 draws ) Fiorentina (55-56) and Inter (2005 to...