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    Primavera & Under 17 - 2016/17

    We just won 2-0
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    The Financial Situation

    It seems that we renewed with samsung
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    Primavera & Allievi 2015-16

    So we still face the same problems as last season
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    [ITA] Serie A 2015/2016

    Am doubting we will be top 3
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    [Friendly] JUVENTUS vs milan vs Sassuolo (August 23rd 2014)

    Milan game was way too physical, I hated muntari and menez for trying to hurt our players especially vidal and pirlo. We lowered our tempo to avoid injuries before starting our season, I expect the official game to be really different.
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    [Friendly] Singapore All-Stars 0-5 JUVENTUS (August 16th 2014)

    In term of financial gain I think this tour proved to be successful, other than goal and brand expansion we definatly increased our shirt sales.
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    Alvaro Morata

    Just read something interesting, do we actually own his right or doyen sport does ? How much money did we actually paid ? I dont think we payed the 20 million which is actually stated
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    The Financial Situation

    What does religion have to do with oil ? Most of the oil production is from arabian gulf countries.
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    Mirko Vučinić

    Owner of aljazeera is sheik mansoor of man city
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    Primavera 2013-14 (+ Allievi and others)

    Lost against sampadoria on the 26th of april Draw against novara 1-1 today
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    Wishlist and General Juve mercato talk (2014-15)

    I watched ramirez play for Southampton all season he is a sub who usually comes on at the end of the game to waste time. Whatever the score is he just lower the pace of the game, lacks vision his distribution is average at best.
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    Primavera 2013-14 (+ Allievi and others)

    Guess the call up to the first team did winders to the guy confidence
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    Fredy Guarín - CM - inter

    I really hate this guy but worth pissing off inter fans
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    Wishlist and General Juve winter mercato talk (2013-14)

    So we lost a game that is played in an awful pitch and immediately we need a drastic change?
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    [Champions League] Frozen Kebab 1-0 JUVENTUS (Dec. 11th 2013)

    I just saw on that pirlo is traveling with the team, .isn't he still injured ?