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    Davids eyes Juve extension

    I think Maresca is more a DM than a AM and I agree with DAVIDSZ! Juve are treating Davids were rudely he is an important first team player and even tough Appiah is good too, Davids is way better! And lets think about this too, last season when juventus played much with tactic 4-3-1-2, Davids...
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    PRE SEASON: Juventus - Napoli

    Well were gonna win all the three games with flyin' colours, so no matter what game are we talkin' about :cool:
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    Replacement for captain?

    I think Buffon is the best captain of Juve he´s a great leader, almoust every goalkeeper is it´s in their goalkeeper DNA :D !
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    Man Utd-juventus

    Beckham is VERY VERY VERY overrated! I sense some English minded thinking in Tom´s post´s, but hell if I we´re English I would probably like Beckham too and let´s not forget that in '98 you all hated Beckham! Beckham is not a great player he might be good even if I don´t like him, but he...
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    Goal Video !

    Someone really should start a website with Juve goal videos! A site that actually works!
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    Serie A returns to Britain

    Eurosport showing Juve-Empoli? :eek: When? :eek:
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    Juventus - Empoli

    Juventus-Empoli 2-0 My line-up: Buffon (C); Thuram, Iuliano, Montero, Pessotto; Zambrotta, Tudor, Tacchinardi, Nedved; Salas, Trezeguet; A few thinks I would like to point out: Iuliano is not slow, he´s fast! Second of all Tudor is great in midfield too and he well bring us much of joy now...
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    Juventus - Reggina

    I think I need to be more clear about my tactic! :confused: Goalkeeper: Gigi Left Back: Pessotto Right Back: Birindelli Central´s: Montero & Thuram Left wing: Camo Right wing: Zambo Central mid: Davids (He is a defending player) Att mid: Neddy Attackers: Ale & Treze
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    War is bad :down: !!!
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    Juventus v World Selection

    Cool avatar Nelly!
  11. kristian1199 Team of the year

    My votes: Coach: Vicente Del Bosque (Real Madrid) Goalkeeper: Oliver Kahn (FC Bayern) Left back: Paolo Maldini (Milan) Right back: Lilian Thuram (Juventus) Central´s: Alessandro Nesta (Milan) & Sami Hyppiä (Liverpool) [Fun to see that even if Hyypiä´s so very highly rated UEFA still don´t...
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    Juventus v World Selection

    Come on JUVE 4 EVER! Show those pics I don´t have messenger :down: !!!
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    Juve matches of the Past

    :fero: Well do something!!! :fero:
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    Juventus - Reggina

    My line-up against Reggina: (from right to left)! Buffon; Birindelli, Thuram, Montero, Pessotto; Zambrotta, Davids, Camoranesi; Nedved; Del Piero, Trezeguet! WOW!!! That team Rocks :thumb: !!!
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    Yes, I agree Tudor is good in the midfield too and he certainly isn´t slow! I saw the Juventus-Newcastle match from TV where Tudor played in the mid and he was GRREEEAAAATTTTT!!! The amount of work he did was amazing! (And so were Del Piero´s goals!)