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Mar 30, 2003
Kovacic? Has he ever lived up to his potential? Seems to go hiding each time I watch him, but I could be wrong.
Nothing special, has been very useful for Chelsea and has balls. For a straight swap for AS it would be a great deal and the best we could hope for but I wasn't really being serious as Chelsea wouldn't be that stupid.


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
Why would anyone choose Newcaste instead of Juventus? I am sure they offer him more money but still, its not like he will be earning much more than he would have been earning here.
He is going to Newcastle because that's the only team bidding actually transfer fee. Others like us were trying loan only.


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Mar 23, 2015
Much better. Only reason he isnt a permanent starter in Chelsea (tho he starts alot), is cuz they have the best starting CM pair in top football in Kante and Jorginho.
yeah, he made some progress in the last year or two. i remember when he played for inda and was dubbed an other new pirlo by some (once he recorded four assists in a single game, that was impressive indeed) but i always found that he dearly lacked consistency, every 3-4 good games were followed by just as many shitty ones. that's what made real sell him too if i'm not mistaken. now it looks like he matured a lot.
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