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Apr 15, 2005

Surprise : Still Manchester United.

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Feb 17, 2016
The name of that youtube user "Inter Milan - destroying clubs since 1908" - Inter certainly destroys clubs, if they cant do on the field they do it off ::lol3:: @zizinho

Apr 12, 2004
#1: English NT, Brazilian NT, Argentine NT, Portuguese NT, Italian NT, Israeli NT (especially since they play in Europe), Man United, Real, Man City, Chelsea, Inter, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Leicester, Everton, Celtic, Rangers, Real Salt Lake.

#20: Any other team in the UK

#1,654: Any Israeli Team

#1,678: Any South American Team

#1,897: Juve, Juve Primavera, Juve Youths

#1,900: Bayern


Sep 4, 2006
I hate Inter and Napoli the most.

United, Arsenal, Barcelona are on a tier below that.

Celtic were also the most obnoxious club I can remember playing. The coach shit talked us, the fans were cunts, the players cunts. Even English language pundits commenting on the game acted like Celtic were sure favourites, couldn't understand why they were losing and at the end complimented Celtic on how "brave" they were.

Was one of the most satisfying 5-0 results in recent history.

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