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I would suck Marchisio
Jan 28, 2013
Especially with co-efficients being meaningless in terms of club continental tournaments, rooting for the Italian clubs just "because Italian" makes little sense. Especially when its the very clubs that wish so much harm on us, blame us for their constant issues and summon Juventus as some sort of boogeyman whenever they stumble or don't get a call going their way.

The rivalries that are still so constant for me are Inter (always, a provincial club who orchestrated and fabricated a treble), Roma (cannot forget Garcia constantly harping about refs with regards to us, Naingolan too), Napoli (ADL specifically, blame us and take the "moral scudetto" every chance they can), Milan (more historical than recent in terms of the rivalry but even as recently as the Muntari conspiracy). These clubs never hesitate to blame us, get angry when we get a penalty, call us cheats, mention our false relegation. Yet we're supposed to support "because Italy?" Please...

Now, its a very different thing to root for the smaller clubs when they are in continental competitions. Atalanta will get my attention in CL next year. Sassuolo same recently. .


Ageing Veteran
Jan 26, 2009
Does this happen in the same dream where you bang the hottest chick, drive along the coast in your brand new Ferrari after having signed a multi million dollar endorsement deal?

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