When was the last time you ENJOYED seeing juve play?? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 16, 2002
I mean not just winning but to play a good football all the game.
in my case i think i could only remmember their game with Real Madrid in the CL last season , other than that it is just winning:D

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Jan 31, 2003
yeah, the Real game in turin. we played great football. defensively and offensively we were brilliant.

although the last 5 mins of that game had me stressing:D


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Jun 9, 2003
Same here. The last games I saw (full, not in highlights) were the US tour ones, but I last enjoyed it agains Real Madrid.


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Jun 8, 2003
The Cl match vs Madrid was pretty classic....

But I did enjoy the first Seria A match this season when we won 5:1 (after the horrifying first half)
Sep 28, 2002
the last match i sawe was juve man u 1-4. tho i enjoyed it. maybe because it was the first the forst "soccer" match i saw in 2 months. last good game. v. real. one before i remember is v depor.


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Apr 21, 2003
To enjoy the next Juve game, you have to wait for the next big game ;) Hey no one mentioned Juve-Roma? We suffered in the last 30 mins (probably because of the CL) but other than that we dominated Roma but as usual we could not close the match.


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Sep 21, 2002
I always enjoy when I see Juve winning, so for me it's the game against Olympiakos. We didn't play good football all the game, but yes, I enjoyed seeing us winning the game.


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Dec 16, 2002
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    This is what i mean about juve they play and win in most cases but you dont enjoy watching them playing .


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    Jul 30, 2003
    the match vs roma was fun to watch..... we in the first and they in 2nd

    ....but to be a totally a great game it has to be in europe vs great oponents... and at the mo, only 2 teams suit that bill.. man u and real.. really hope we meet both of them this season..
    Sep 14, 2003
    Definately the game against Real Madrid and maybe the first 20 minutes against Gala. I've seem both our CL and the matches against Cheivo and Roma and only been pleased with small parts of those games.


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    Dec 20, 2002
    I enjoy watching when we defend really well...really. Believe me you guys!

    I guess I just have a deeper sense of appreciation for calcio


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    Jan 12, 2002
    Definetely Real's match .. it was unforgettable ..

    But generally I tend to enjoy watching Juve (especially if Alex is playing) all the time .. when we're down I feel the urge with the players to score a goal and turn the match .. when we're up I feel immensely satisfied and comfortable ..

    I don't mind if we played badly but still won the match at all, and I hate critisizing individual players (like Treze, Tacchi, or Zambro) if they had a bad day coz I believe in them and I know they will improve in the next match .. they always try their best but as a footballer you have to know that sometimes things just doesn't go right for you .. it's just a temporary phase that players go through but they usually bounce back soon :)


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    Apr 24, 2003
    daaamn the real madrid game ruled i even have it taped. the barca away game was also good. and i enjoyed A LOT watching juve in the empoli game but i guess it was because i hadnt seen them play since like the friendly against manyoo


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    Jul 15, 2002
    Juve-Roma was a pretty good game, only if DP wouldn't have been injured. but i have to say the best game i have seen so far this season was yesterday's Milan derby


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    Sep 16, 2003
    Although the game was "meaningless" I would have tosay the Barca-Juve gamein Boston this past summer, if only for the fact that I got to see them live.

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