What was your first Juventus match to watch? (2 Viewers)


Jun 13, 2007
Juventus 3 - 1 Parma. 2001 I think.

Del piero had a broken arm or something like that. Still, he scored the third goal. Trez scored the other 2.


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Mar 24, 2006
Udinese vs Juventus 2-2 , that was 98/99 season if i remember correctly , Del Piero being injured and Zidane scored and slipped down while celebrating the goal :D

i will never jump to another team , only Juve until i my last breathe


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Dec 19, 2005
For the life of me i can't remember. I know its was in the 89/90 season though.

My best friend who passed away in 2000 introduced me to Juventus when I was seven years old.We spent every single moment together & his dad is a staunch Juve supporter & I suppose their influence rubbed off on me.To make matters worse the area I stayed in at that point was an 80% Italian community.

I remember Casiraghi & Schillaci quite vividly.The entire community was ecstatic that Schillaci made the 1990 WC squad & he made the entire community jump for joy with his performances.Even though Italy didn't make it past Argentina,it was still a magical WC & one of my favourites.


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Jun 25, 2003
I don't remember the first, but I do remember the first game I was so happy I cried with joy (after all I was a kid back then). It was Juventus-Monaco in 1998. Del Piero scored a hattrick. I also loved the games we played against Ajax in the nineties.


The Bozman
Oct 18, 2005
i have been a fan of Italian football for as long back as i remember,i watched a lot of Italian football growing up without ever really supporting any specific team.

i can't acually remember the 82 world cup but i was fascinated with Paolo Rossi as a young lad. i loved watching Italia 90 and Schillachi and this rekindled my fascination with Italian football,just in time for the coverage on channel 4 to kick off.

i was engrossed by talents like Batistuta but was blown away by Baggio,still i was not really a fan of any specific club,i grew closer to Juve with lippi's Juve,watching Del Piero. it wasnt until about 9 years ago i truly became fascinated by juve,up to that point i had been a fan of players and the style of play rather than any team.

i have to say taht my love affair with Juve came about as most things do....through a woman! i met an Italian girl who i went on to have a 4-year relationship with,she told me she was a Juventus fan,i said"yeah they have some great players,Buffon,Nedved,Trezeguet,Thuram..." she looked at me and i knew....she only loved Del Piero,as our relationship grew my love for Juventus became larger,i joined a couple of forums and eventually stumbled across this place. the connection with fellow Juve fans is what helped my obsession grow, i suddenly had more access to highlights,more freedom to discuss my opinions and because of this place my fate was sealed.

i will never claim to be a "born'n'bred" fan,i am not Italian..or even Italien...hell i would not even support Juve over my lifelong obsession Hearts,but Juventus are as much a part of me as anyone else here.
Dec 27, 2003
First game ever is probably some Avellino-Juve around 1984..

First with a tangible, indelible memory thereof is Heysel...the day after rather than the game itself though.

Then there's that first Juve game I watched where, at some point, probably around the 24th minute, I seemed to hear a vague sound, and then a murmur, and then finally a voice, a clear, growing voice coming from deep inside, and it was telling me something along these lines :

"Hello, friend, are you enjoying this mild November night? Oh, looking at that Casiraghi-Schillaci duo, are you? It's all good. Hey, was that a Bob Tricella tackle? It was, was it not? Look! Number 10 tried an assist there! Sasha Zavarov, right? Sasha Zavarov, none other!....(...).....Listen, my good friend, if you don't mind me asking, may I? Great. So I was wondering, and I hope Im not being intrusive here, but...what did you do last night? You watched the Kaiser muzzling El Buitre? Is that so? And then you witnessed your man Franky Rijkaard flooring Real, yet again? Fine, very fine. What's that? It was a fooking brilliant header, with the Franky man swooping down on Sanchis and some lanky kid named Hierro like an Andean condor on a nest of doves? Really? You don't say. And then Van Basten nailed it, in Swanesque fashion? Hehe, typical, my friend, very typical indeed...(...)...But...sorry to interrupt again, my good friend, but...there's one but....one more thing I need to know...it's this one thing that's bothering me somewhat, and it won't go away, unless I ask you this question....I just really need to know, so I am now asking you, this is the moment, and I am asking you why. Why. Just WHY the fuck are you watching Giuve-Karl Marx Stadt then?"

UEFA Cup 1989-90.


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May 27, 2009
My first game was Milan - Juventus back in April 1997 where we trashed them 1-6 at their ground. I was only 8 years old at that time, but boy I was a happy kid back then. My father used to call me Jugovic during that time because of the love I had for that player. :D


The love I have for this team was becoming more natural and passionate during the 2002/2003 season though, with the highlight match being the Champions League Semi-final against Real Madrid.

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