What was your first Juventus match to watch? (2 Viewers)


Sep 4, 2007
and also when did you become a supporter officially?

Mine was 1999 semi-final against man utd, but back then as a kid I liked united for beckham simply.. and I started supporting Juve only right after Euro2000 after Del Piero became my hero.. and I hated Trezeguet for years after :D


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Dec 31, 2000
Hm.. I'm not sure, but the earliest I can remember is against Nantes in the CL in 1995/96. The semi final. Those matches were on public tv and I taped them, watched them many many times after that. The same applies to the final against Ajax.

I think the only match I had a chance to see in 1996/97 was the final that a friend taped for me. Unfortunately he somehow couldn't give me the tape until weeks after, I was dying to see it.


Nov 26, 2006
The first one I remember was when Juve thrashed Rangers home and away in the mid-nineties.

And I'm not a supporter.


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May 11, 2005
Starting supporting Juve straight after the 1994 world cup.

First game I went to and remember was Rangers vs Juventus.

We won 4-0, Del Piero and Marocchi were superb


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Nov 9, 2006
28th may 1997...juventus - borussia (i was screaming del piero del piero but i didn't saw his face before that)

being a fan and watching the team more closely since 2003.


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Dec 9, 2009
I even do not remember what i ate yesterday and you are asking what was first my match i watched. :boh:
Apr 15, 2006
I honestly can't remember the very first one. I used to watch some of these Serie A review shows back in 2003-04 and some CL matches too. The one I can remember the best were the ones against Werder Bremen where Wiese dropped the ball and Emerson scored the goal, and another CL match against Madrid where Zalayeta scored a goal.

When did I become a fan? When I played a FIFA 99 Demo against Manchester, and then when I got internet in about 2006 and started following our matches.


I support Piemonte Calcio FC
Dec 9, 2009
:lol:...at least give us a year and a scorer...alen will do the rest
Seriuosly, i cant rememb that match like sheik can't do it too. My father is a huge Juve fan, im watching Juve games since a childhood till this moment together with him. Thanks to him, im a Juventino forever. :touched:


Grazie Ale
Nov 9, 2006
you have a great dad...my dad supports steaua and that's it...he doesn't care too much about other teams but he'll support juve when he's watching games with me...too bad he has a crush on chivu and eto'o


Mar 6, 2007
Wasn't really by choice, but I remember watching Juve matches as a young kid back in the late 80's and early 90's with my grandfather and occasional other family, so I've no idea what the first match I actually watched was. I remember guys like Tacconi, Baggio and Schillaci playing but little else.


Sep 23, 2003
I was joking. Given that any fan of Barcelona around here is considered to be a gloryhound -- or one whose fandom and attention span last no longer than the last championship trophy -- the joke was it would seem funny if you set the same standards for your dad on his birthday.

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