Apr 22, 2008
es fuego mayne
thanks bro.. suddenly i became inside the hip hop industry " virtually though :) " as i work remotely from Italy. most importantly the team of joe perez the ex kanya west creative director that's why i did experimentation on Pusha-T work.

and now as young artists we collaborate with upcoming new hip hop guys directed by Joe perez.

did some help on the graphic work of



Sep 23, 2003
It's not an addiction if you enjoy it, right?
They say you don't have a problem until you start to do it alone.

I had meant to ask him about this, as I received an email quite a few weeks ago saying it had been closed and the money refunded. Slipped my mind though.
Wha?? Man, my email must be deluged with spam, because I didn't see that.

Some artists cannot be caged. :D


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Apr 25, 2013
Lgor knows too much about these shady, immoral, gopnik things.

What are the odds he actually sells/sold panties? I say 33%.

Also, why do gopniks always wear Adidas tracksuits and not Nike ones?

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