Sep 23, 2003
Nice photos.

Well yeah, once you report something as racist they have to do something about it I guess
Otherwise they’re busted for condoning it.

Got two calls from a private number. The calls were exactly 15 minutes apart.

They hung up the phone as soon as I said hi both times.
Clearly you don’t know the secret password. Some spy you are.

Apparently englands euro campaign is going so well they dont think any team should be able to beat the current England and anything but winning Euro 2020 and WC 2022 would be a dissapointment. not even 2nd, 3rd or 4th is ok.

Harry Kane should be outscoring Ronaldo.

their evidence is that the EPL has been dominating European competition and that there are no better sides in Europe than Liverpool and City.

EPL even better than La Liga and those sides are better than Barca or Real.
Sounds like every year. And every time EPL clubs, like City, spectacularly fall on their face in the CL, it’s the “It’s because the EPL is too difficult” excuse. :lol:

Friend firmly believes that peeing after sex prevents him from getting STIs.
I say the same about shitting in a coffee can after anal sex. :pado:

No symptoms doesn't mean absence of infection, if you have slept with more than 3 chicks, 99% chance you got some
We are a generously sharing species after all.

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