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Feb 9, 2013
Cindy's great with Canada. The rest he can suck a pipi.
Until the Habs get their shit together, I’d rather him and the Pens win than some shit team with classless fans like Philly. :p

Always had a soft spot for Mario too. Fucking Pens getting our best players. :andy2:

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Lol, my bad, I forget you think of Canadians as people
I am Canadian, muppet.

Besides, y’all elected a ginger orangutang to be your President. Bunch of unevolved primates south of the border.


Sep 29, 2008
Nah. He’s scored goals in two Olympic gold medal games for us, including the OT winner against you muricans. Also dominated the World Cup for us. Most Canadians I know love him for that.
You're a Canadian nowadays? :shifty:

I supported Canada when you had Lemieux and Brodeur.. I would have supported USA too if Hextall would have played. @ALC

Hextall is the Buffon of ice hockey! @Kate


Sep 29, 2008
I loved Ron Hextall, in 93 when we booted his ass out with the Nordiques and then went on to win the cup.
Uuuh, -97 finals were such a bummer. I still see nightmares of that shit.

He's still my absolut favourite GK of all time. You will never see a guy like that play ever again. :moan:


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Feb 22, 2019
Brodeur, Roy, Hasek, Joseph, Belfour, Vanbiesbrouck, Richter, Potvin, Hextall etc, 90s goalies were the absolute best.

Brodeur being the GOAT of course.

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