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Dec 31, 2002
I wonder why they don't go after James Rodriguez . Very smart and versatile paired with great technical quality . Can play both wings ,not to mention that he is perfect for the attacking midfielder role . Would fit in like a glove under Sarri .
I wouldnt say perfect but he is one of my favorite players and I`d love to have him with us

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Selling Kean and Mandzukic and potentially cancelo? Paratici better pull some other great signing.
He signed Rabiot Ramsey De Ligt and Demiral - Two of them are free transfers but they did cost money..
We are likely to sign someone and IMO our chase after Pogba isnt officially over but I wouldnt say he is likely as I would be lying to myself..


Dec 17, 2007
I refuse to believe Dybala, Mandzu and Cancelo would go and only Lukaku and Danilo come in
Surely there is some surprise we aren't quite seeing yet


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Dec 9, 2012
Hilarious that people are suddenly turning on Paratici (the scouting architect during a legendary run of talent acquisition over 8-9 years) well before any actual move he has made because they are reading the Daily Mail. Between this site and Juve twitter, it is worse than Man Utd and Liverpool supporters. Shameful honestly.


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Jul 9, 2012
Deal almost done for Cancelo to Manchester City. Juventus will get Danilo + €30m. Down to final details, should be closed tomorrow. [Di Marzio]


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Aug 10, 2017
According to Sky's report, Juventus still haven't given up on the idea of signing Romelu Lukaku, the Bianconeri could present a new offer to Man Utd (Not Dybala) but some other players to be included plus cash
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