Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20 (197 Viewers)


Mar 6, 2007
-Rabiot: 10M fee, 5 years contract, 7M salary per year. So each year we pays for him: 10M/5(years) + ~7Mx2 (nearly 50% tax) = 16M. The same for Ramsey(4M fee, 8,5M salary) and Pellegrini(22M fee, 4 years, 1,3M salary)
- Spinazzola's sale capital gain is 26,6M, already acounted for last year, so this years the only different is we're no longer have to pay his salary, which is 1,5M (~3M after tax).


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Jan 26, 2009
:tup::tup: for 2 decent CM signings for free (Rambo#8 and Rabilot)
:tup::tup: for two good CB prospects (Demiral and Romero)
:tup: for getting Higuain back
:tdown: for not selling Khedira
:tdown: For not selling Bonucci
:tdown: For not selling Costa
:tdown::tdown::tdown: for replacing Allegri with this ugly bastard Sarri.

So it‘s a :tdown: for the mercato so far.
A thumbs up for Sensitive Tubby? :howler: :rofl:

If we get De Ligt and no further midfield reinforcements, I'd begrudgingly give it a 7.5. If we bring in Icunti, it becomes an automatic 0.


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Jan 26, 2009
Alves :rofl: :howler: Fuck that Lolzilian Cunt.

I think we have an agreement with Lyon regarding Hamza; we proposed he sign a contract so they don't lose him for nothing, and then we'd pay them a fair price or something along those lines :boh:


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Dec 12, 2012
Yeah, tranfers like that can be accounted for last year or this year, but the way we sell Spinazzola quick and high in number means we need to balance last year book. After financial report in February(?), they predicted we will record 50M loss, so I'm pretty sure all those sales are for last year book.
That is simply not true. A player license cannot get activated before the transfer window opens. You can sign the contract lets say in May, but u cannot use it and u have acquired the 'property' (intangible asset) for a period not the previous season. It is not possible to activate the player license earlier.


Mar 23, 2015
dani alves mocked juventus with the picture of his berlin final shoes before forcing his way out of the club after one shaky year. we should have some decency and tell him to fuck off. then again, bonucci and sarri also shat on our colors yet there they are, getting millions from the club.