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Sep 4, 2006
He is still quite young, I think he definitely has loads of potential
We need to start making use of our primavera
Yes, thats why we sell him for 20mil and include a buyback clause.
as for using primavera, meh on the rare occasion someone is actually good enough otherwise i would rather have a team capable of competing for a treble.


Mar 23, 2015
Douglas out = Zaniolo in
Cuadrado out = Chiesa in
Khedira out = Ramsey in
Matuidi out = Ndombele in
Barzagli out = De ligt in
Caceres out = Christian Romero in
50m - 40m = +10m
10m - 70m = -60m
5m - 0m = +5m
10m - 70m = -60m
0m - 80m = -80m
0m - 30m = -30m

we just spent ~200-220m spread over the next 4-5 years, without considering salaries :baus: how cool is that.
Mar 3, 2014
Right now the Frenchies are producing even more good centerbacks than Italy: Varane, Umtiti, Lenglet, Laporte, Kimpembe
Italians aren’t producing much right now to be perfectly honest. It’s like Cassano cursed us. He wasted so much talent that the universe is like: you’re getting mostly Sturaros from now on.

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Dec 31, 2002
I watch Ndombele now and its his 2nd game - did some good things but also gave away a penalty - Good player but I really dont think he`ll go for as much as 70M..
Anyway I`d like us to have him as he would make our midfield more clam and more precise passing but if its him or Pogba I`d definitely take Pogba who IMO is the best CM in the world and by a great margin (although there are some other great CMs out there...)
Pogba is a must player for us as he would increase skills in our midfield while add physique and vision to our game + he is very marketable player so we must try for him
Another player who is a player who can give us a lot is Mbappe but we all know this isnt going to happen (dreams included)...

If Pogba pushes to leave we will get him for 130M or so if he doesnt push then it will be quite impossible to get him...

Summer mercato as it seems:
Romero, Pogba , Ramsey and the young Portugal international kid
Higuain D.Costa (cant think of more players)

James will not arrive IMO although I`d like to see one of my favorite players in our team.
I dont want D.Costa to leave as I really rate him but as for now it seems that we will part ways with him
Juve 2019: Pole;A.Sandro Chiellini Bonucci Cancelo; Pjanic Pogba Matuidi; Dybala Mandzukic Ronaldo
Bench Trincao Perin Caceres Rugani MDS Bentancur Ramsey Trincao Khedira Can Spinazzola Bernardeschi
We will definitely do lots of rotations so its not exactly first team and subs..


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Dec 31, 2002
You need to get over Pogba mate. He’s not coming back.

Also, you overrate Pogba if you think he’s better than De Bruyne and Eriksen by “a big margin”.
De Bruyne maybe not but Eriksen I do think there is a big gap
De Bruyne is the best player in his position but his role is different and by saying position I meant role..
Eriksen is great dont get me wrong but Pogba has something more. as for the he isnt coming back we will see..

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lol sure thing Orgut
Let me dream... I still think we will go strong for him and Raiola would convince him to do what he did with the transfer to Utd but with reverse roles

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