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Apr 12, 2009
It is, but I'd also like to have a gap as big as possible before the knockout rounds begin and we can rest most of our entire starting XI before every CL match


Moggi on crack
Apr 29, 2006
Roma would be in a dog fight with Inter and Milan for the 3rd and 4rd place, unless SPAL beats them to it. :lol:

All we have to witness is the annual crumbling of Nipples (once they are in the EL) and we can celebrate the Scudetto in Feb/March and concentrate on CL. Sweet.


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Apr 14, 2013
imo, letting go of Strootman hurt them too much. him and De Rossi controlled the midfield so well in their 3421 in the games ive seen, allowing them to reach the CL semis and 3rd place in Sere A. they went from 2nd/3rd best team in Italy to worse than inter and Lazio, possibly Milan as well. it will take a monster season from Dzeko, Manolas and their wingbacks to get to CL places again. really bad summer for them, after a couple of soilid ones.

oh and Under sucks, Serrie B level player

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