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Apr 14, 2013
Do some of you guys who are in our whatsapp group remember how happy Massimo was last summer when he saw that tweet and that everyone believed it? He once told me his biggest fear was becoming a famous insider, and people showing up at his home and calling him constantly to get exclusives and all, when all he wants us a normal life for his wife and children. Last summers trolling and all that was fun, people bought it and we still managed to keep his identity a secret. We will always have those memories, but we should also be happy that hes still willing to share what he hears with us, despite some people here trying to ruin his life


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Nov 20, 2005
Obviously he was not able to do that. Fixing Juve means making them an European elite team, not only domestically in a ravaged and depleted league. And most important of all is making Juve believe they are an elite team and not some pussy 10 euro garbage that are lucky to be eating at mcdonalds.

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Moratti's Inter was run like a family :touched: Juve is being run like a business :cry:
This kind of thing can only be said by someone like Zanetti?
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