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Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
Why the fuck did we renew his contract up til 2021? His performances and future potential doesn't justify half his wages. He needs to be shipped out asap.
Maybe he was Allegri wish to stay ...

All of you guys want Fabio to listen to the coach

needs... here we go ... take it ...:grin:

Same as Mandzukic
Feb 12, 2006
Ditch this sick note already!

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Sami needs to get injured first so that Allegri finally gives Rabiot a chance.

Rather see Bentancur than Rabiot though. Not that i rate him all that much, but looks to be in good shape. Rabiot has been a let down signing so far.
Pjanic, bentancur, rabiot. Midfield 3. Good to go

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