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Sep 1, 2017
There is no perfect side currently in the world.

PSG are losing more games than normal in Ligue 1 and are hardly tested.

Liverpool have scrapped through the season so far.

City concede a lot of dumb goals.

We'd be the underdog against those three teams, but not by a big margin IMO.


Floro Fckin' Flores
May 16, 2010
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under Allegri this was true this year i am not as sure.
Why because we tend to play a high line more frequently? I don't mind the change considering how defending a lead pretty much always backfired last year.
As for attacking if you recall last years endless crosses once in final 3rd I don't see any drop in quality of chance creation, in fact I like the way we force the play from middle at the moment so these guys can build some chemistry with time.

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