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May 6, 2012
still, the moment he was substituted, we lost the midfield battle.

sami gives us balance, simple as that. his positioning is second to none, and football is all about spaces and how you use them. khedira is an experienced, smart, tactically aware guy. neither allegri nor sarri are idiots to consider him as a starter. the invisible man who you start missing the moment he's not on the pitch anymore.

fucking whoscored ratings though :baus: sensi was inda's best player before getting injured, ronaldo had an average game to his standards, and bonucci was a level above de ligt.
Hell no he had a great game only unlucky not to score


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Apr 25, 2013
Sami gets a lot of undue hate, because as has been mentioned a lot of his contribution comes off the ball with his intelligence and reading of the game. But on the other hand that also means he sometimes gets a free pass when he has a bad game because there's this idea that he's always bringing some kind of intangible benefit, which simply isn't true.

I think he played poorly against Inter and didn't do much in terms of shutting down passing lanes, making space for his teammates and helping control the tempo of the game.
There is certainly a lot of both hate and praise for this guy- not only in this forum, but also on social media. Personally, I have never liked his style since the Real Madrid days. I prefer the ball playing midfielders- participating in the build up more than the guys that just bomb forward.

Yesterdays game was a mixed bag. He had almost nice assist for Dybala. But a lot of inter’s attacks in the first half came from his area and I noticed he was still upfield or just easily passed by simple 1-2’s.

Not sure what the solution is since none of the bench players are playing up to their potential.
Yeah, it wasn't one of Khedira's better games.

It's funny reading some of the epithets now when not too long ago they weren't positive and Sarri was being blamed for starting him.

It's very simple why he's starting now: Rabiot isn't ready and Khedira already knows the team and is tactically savvy. He's a decent backup level player and fine as short-term starter option. We would've seen Ramsey in his place had DC not gotten injured.

Seems like the high marks for his inter performance are due to losing midfield balance following switch to 3 strikers...which had nothing to do with Khedira.

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