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Jul 25, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Emma ] ++
Theres wayyy better stuff than this. His older stuff wasnt as good.
Oh I know - I'm downloading his "best of" performance right now. That was just all I managed to find on the net so far.

Been watching his world tour of new zealand on the beeb last couple of weeks though - that's brilliance :D

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Dec 31, 2000
Well the problem with offensive material is that people laugh because of the insults and curses. In fact that's a pretty good way of widening your audience, you can always attract people that way. But the question is, if you cut all that away, what is left? Does that stripped down material still hold a high quality or doesn't it? My problem with the "cursing comics" is that a lot of them use the cusing to cover up the deficiencies of their material.

Does offensive material have any other value? Well sure, I suppose you can find some interesting formulations. But if a comic is good at formulating points, he could do that just as well without the curses, couldn't he? Take Chris Rock, now it's not like everything he does is hilarious. And let's remember he does a lot of offensive stuff. But in his best moments, the ideas are so ingenious that they're hard to match by anyone, that's what makes him a superstar.

Billy Connolly I don't really know, I've heard half a dozen bits but nothing he did really hit me so far. He seems quite decent.


Bedpan racing champion
Jul 25, 2001
Oh you should have watched his "World tour of New Zealand" on the beeb the past couple of weeks; there was hardly ANY offensive stuff in there but I still laughed my arse off.

He uses self criticism quite often; I like that. Too many performers are far too arrogant.


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Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Modo Bianconero ] ++
well maybe if u tried getting ur head out of you kno whose arse and use dat rusty ol brain of yours you "get it"
Enough of that thank you!!

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