How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

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Dec 6, 2015
To be honest this sounds like the post of a fanboy who is deeply attached to a player and is not seeing what is really happening. No offense.

To me, it seems you want dybala to suceed here at all costs without even taking in consideration what could be good for the team or dybala himself or both.

What i see is a player that can play just one position, which is Support striker, who also seems to have a lot of troubles with the current coach (and allegri seems to be here to stay).... And the most worrying of all..... Dybala seems to simply lack the mental resilence to overcome this wall. Remember that even nedved last year said dybala should focus more.

Clearly something is going on with him, something within himself that is not letting him progress and maybe what we see is his limit.

If he can play just ss, he has no place in here because we have cristiano ronaldo and our gameplan should be labeled around him.

I would have loved for dybala to become the next del piero and our next big number 10, but right now i simply cant see this happening... and i think the board know this too, but everyone involved worries about dybala and dont want to part ways like this. But on the other hand all the signs are there for a sell.

As long as we are being honest, that's a lot of assuming going on there. You assume I'm a fanboy just like you assume things which makes you think selling
is a good idea like assuming you know what is going on with him and Allegri.
What is good for the team is to sell the others like AS and Costa and use that to complete the puzzle not sell an important piece.This is not a rookie player, he is a player with record we have seen him play we know what he can do. Players go in and out of form, they have a personal life who knows..he has earned enough credit here for the benifit of the doubt.
The assumptions are we are going to sell him for 100M which is approx what we can get. In a market where kepa Ariza a damn rookie keeper goes for 70M, we will get one great player or two decent players in exchange for him..Who would we buy and how do we make buying any other player in exchange less of a gamble in terms of fitting in? Any clues? not dreams or assumptions but ideas, who realistically can we get? To me Allegri needs to figure out how he wants to build and how he wants to play first then we can figure out who can and can't be included in the team. What is Max's style?
Has to be built around CR? coaches have figured out a way to play with half a dozen WC players, but we should give up the ability to be versatile because max can't figure it out? IF we had the mids and a balanced team and a style and it still didnt work I would sell and not for less than 150M. Doing it now would be a mistake.. saying he doesnt fit when our players look like headless chickens more than half the time, is short sighted.