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Jul 12, 2002
if our hopes are to be realized probably we will need one more player,and a big one at that.it isn't very advisable to but one this season,is it?it just isn't the time.a backup for nedved or some REAL young talent would be much appreciated,i'm sure.bachini and o'neill have left and brighi and mareca won't be here for some time to come so what we are going to do when we need some new blood i don't know.

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Jul 17, 2002
Rommedahl was awful in the World Cup... Why he's in the nationalteam i don't understand!! Yes, he's one of the fastest players I have ever seen, but his crosses... OH MY GOD:yuck:
Jul 12, 2002
Nah, Rommedahlwas very good in the first game, but after that, everyone caught on to him, and he got shut down.


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Sep 14, 2002
i think its just going to depend on what formation Lippi wants. The pre-season has seen Lippi try different things in the middle and i personally feel that maybe a 3 man midfield with a 3 man attack could be a huge possiblity for juve.

IMO we havent got an abundance of so called world class midfielders, but one would have to admit that fielding the likes of Davids, Nedved, Zambrotta along with maybe Tudor if needed is obviously a good midfield.

But when playing Del Piero, along with Salas, behind say, Di Vaio, our midfeild will look a lot stronger as Del Piero and Salas would get the ball deeper and carry it on. Not mentioning Nedved's attack from the midfield......so i think all should be okay.

And remember, players like Tacchinardi, Baiocco and Camoranesi are very good back ups. Very few teams boost back ups like that around europe.

And Olivera might be used, and we do not know what to expect. If he makes an impact like Recoba did, then i think our midfield will be very good.

Brighi is the only bad thing Moggi did this transfer campaign for this season.


-----salas------------del piero

--------------trez/di vaio

that looks impressive in my opinion.


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Jul 13, 2002
playing with 3 forwards in 1 real stricker and 2 supportive not bad idea at all but that will affect the balance of midfield and will show lack of depth .

we can play with 3 for a game or in the second half if were about to loose but for ever that would be gambling unless we play wwith 4 midfielders and 3 central defenders with real flankers in both sides.

i can see why lippi is trying to force tudor to midfield i can get his point although i disagree with him when u give a player a free role like nedved u need a 2 players to do the defensive work with him tach and tudor will do this for lippi ( becoz he dosn't like davids:wallbang: , and conte is getting old ) bad way of thinking lippi !!!


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Jul 17, 2002
Denco has a great argument that links success(In europe) with midfield strength and balance. I totaly agree. Juve doesn't have that balance at the moment. all players except Davids and Nedved are rated as good. We need at least 4 who are rated as first class.

I agree with the Denco that juve's Midfield needs a facelift. As we've been all mentioning, Juve needs a playmaker (creativity) to get things moving.
I Think D'Alessandro would have been a great inclusion, though i doubt juve will go with the D'Alessandro-Cavinaghi package in Janurary since DV and Olivera just arrived. So Olivera is all we can hope for ,for now.

If i wanted to change the midfield, I would sell off players we dont need and add CREATIVITY, OR/AND change the formation to 3-5-2 when playing in the CL.

[1] Remove: a. Tacchi: Not getting better
b. Conte: not gonna shake up the midfield (slow)
c. Fresi: Bad Buy anyway, not needed at all.

Add: a. creative playmaker who is not below 23 years old ... dalmat can fill this role
b. Bring Brighi Back, + Maresca (fill Tacchi's shoes).

* Keep Zambrotta ( i think he's not a Beckham, but he's good enough)

[2] Formation change:


- Utilizing the best Juve defenders, who happen to be central defenders.
- Enough Energy and Creativity in the middle of the field with Davids, Brighi, and Dalmat which is important in europe.
-Juve won't spend much on the market since Brighi and Maresca are already half owned by juve. + Fresi, Tacchi, and Conte can help fund the Dalmat transfer.
- Decent backup (we cant have 22 world stars...remember that italian clubs need to minimize on wages).
**Baiocco for Davids: similar characteristics.
**Maresca for Brighi
**Olivera for Dalmat
**Camoransei for Zambrotta
**Zambrotta for Nedved + Comaranesi taking Zamb's place.

Zenoni and Pessotto can replace Zambrotta and Neddy (respectively) in a defensive tactic.

The only downside to this formation might be that Juve will be exposed to attacks from the wings.


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Jul 17, 2002
He's not that bad, but he's just stay in a wrong team (Inter). I remember his goals, he's good....but I dunno whether he's still play for Inter.


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Sep 1, 2002
3-5-2 would be suicide against world class teams and it would limit Nedved's attacking as he would hae duties to cover up way back in that left side.
I think Nedved would be effective as a winger in a 4-4-2 system where he's cover behind him.
I agree Zambo tends to run out of ideas when he has the ball but his workrate in that midfield makes him a key figure.
The day Zizou left that's when we threw away any creativity and we have not been able to replace it AND i's suggesting that we make a move for D'Alessandro as I heard that Barca want to purchase him when his contract runs out; why can't we do that he's talented and young. We have many veterans in our squad that would help any youngster adapt quicker than he would anywhere else.
All I say: MOGGI BE INVENTIVE AND CREATIVE, maybe that'l see more fans in the stadium than before.


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Jul 12, 2002
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    Dalmat is a wonderful talent imo. very surprised not in the French team and i think me might just be one of the most complete midfielders in SerieA at the moment


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    Jul 12, 2002
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    Yes Majed excellent team and if you took out Trez and put Di Vaio, you have a very dynamic team with lots of movement and energy.

    I'd still look for a replacement for Zambrotta as i am no fan of his but he will do in the meantime but excellent team by you


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    Jul 17, 2002
    thanks :cool:

    i've always hated the 3-5-2 formation, till this week. i concidered it for 2 reasons:

    1. i play with my university team, and we tryed it out and i loved the outcome.
    2. Your argument makes complete sense. about succes in europe....


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    Sep 14, 2002
    i like Dajed's team, but as someone already mentioned, nedved taking the whole wing doesnt work. IMO he has to play on the left wing, with a full back to cover the defensive side.

    However, getting a player like Dalmat, who in my opinion is the closest young talent to Zidane, would be brilliant. But i think that we should really consider giving Olivera a chance to prove himself before juve decides to buy a playmaker.

    I also agree that Tacchinardi, Conte and maybe even others like Birindelli should have been sold or swapped.

    Players like Zauri come to mind.

    Brighi and Maresca IMO the biggest mistake that Moggi has made this season.

    I cant see what a player like Conte or Tacchinardi have to offer which Brighi and Maresca cannot!!

    but i still feel that playing with attackers is the way to go. Del Piero and Salas are perfect for this type of formation and it would be a shame not to at least try it.

    if it doesnt work well after a few games, then go back to the normal 4-4-2, but we really do have a problem in this formation, we havent got a real left winger, unless nedved goes back there and Olivera does play behind the strikers.

    Serie A teams failing due to not attacking enough in the CL. Its high time we start attacking and proving we are back by winning 4-0 instead of the nromal 2-1 or 2-0.

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