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May 30, 2004
its funny though. we bought in andrade to be our star defender and still had to rely on chiellini and legro. we bought in tiago and almiron to be our star central midfielders but for nocerino and zanetti to be more efficient.

now we have poulsen. i wonder if marchisio would step up?

that'll be great!


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Aug 20, 2006
y'all starting to sound like an old retarted bridge club
always wining and looking back at the good old days
all you have to remember is that you put in your teeth every morning and empty your sack of pee once in a while
do not worry too much about Juve cuz they will be fine maybe not as in the day you were young but you'll see they will be great again
let's just hope you all live to experience that


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Jan 31, 2008
we can not do anything with that, so welcome Poulsen.

But I would like to tell something: We played some ugly football, because we didn´t have enough creativity in the centre of the pitch, now with this signing it will be even worse. Yes there are players like Neddy, Camo and Gio, but it isn´t enough.

So depressing, but I can´t blame Poulsen. Secco on the other hand...


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Jul 28, 2003
You probably right,butl et's see who the other players that they will bring in first and then make a conclusions about it...
My problem with them is that they are making the same mistakes as last season. The issue with them is not whether they bring in more players, its about quality. There was not an urgent need for Poulsen and if they bring in Xabi then its just like last year. We bring in many players while paying heaps of money, instead of just getting quality players that could actually make a difference.
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