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Jan 26, 2009
Damn. That's a great deal for them - kinda envious of the lock Bayern have on German talent. Imagine all Italian talents wanting to play for Juve and we get like a 20% - 30% discount on every deal for them. We'd be swimming in Zaniolos, Tonalis and Verrattis now :D
Feb 17, 2016
Congrats to Bayern. Great deal.

Gnabry + Sane on the wings is gonna last for a decade with some luck, and the NT is gonna profit of it as well. Finally the Robbery replacement fans have been waiting for since like forever.
Gnabry - Lewa - Sane will be a deadly trio i imagine.

Also with Müller just behind and hopefully Havertz at some point too.
Apr 14, 2005
Yes, Griezmann might been a reactionary signing that dont fit, but he is way better then Lautaro. Who is being way overrated before even showing anything. I see him play for Inter alot, he barely does anything above the decent/good level, far from 110m player.
I would personally value lautaro more than griezman, it's kinda similar to our arthur-pjanic trade.

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