Was Allegri a good choice: Yes or no?

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Nov 9, 2005
Can you guys imagine this. If we lost vs tottenham and he got fired last summer, wed now be coached by Zidane. Yes we got that epic night at Bernabeu out of it, but was it worth it in hindsight?
Zidane is obsessed with Madrid. He would have quit us when Real got into trouble. Real is like his first true love or smth. He will keep going back there for some sex with the ex.


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Jan 19, 2017
The gurus were right in that we contacted Pep, it just wasnt the moment yet. 2021 probably. Before that we had Zidane in sight
The guru's were 100% wrong. Pep said no from the beginning. Than they went straight for Sarri.
The guru's took all of you by the balls and most of you dreaming about the impossible even after Pep told you many times NO

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