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May 29, 2005
“I can confirm Mario Mandzukic will start and so will Wojciech Szczesny – there will be room for Mattia Perin as the season goes on. Those who played two international games won’t start, with the exception of Blaise Matuidi.”

Rotation :tup:


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Oct 24, 2006
Next year the board should buy Messi and Neymar but we will never see them play alongside Ronaldo cause...Max. He should change his name to Min - minimum efforts in attack.This guy will never win CL with this philosophy.
Since his first day at Juve he has found multiple excuses not to play the best line-up against even the minions.
His preferences for Llorentes, Matuidis, Sturaros, Khediras and the likes will be his downfall.
As far as I can remember he has always been forced to change his favorite players and tactics after prolonged periods of underperformance and outside pressure ( the press or the fans).
But he continues to be stubborn and very conservative (read pussy) tactician.

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