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Mar 23, 2015
Europe has some really harsh driving rules
it depends... usual european speed limits are pretty fair: 50 km/h (~31 mph) in populated areas like cities or villages, 90 km/h (~56 mph) on most roads, and 130 km/h (~81 mph) on most freeways. in hungary, they don't even fine you if your speed was less than 20 km/h over the speed limit on a freeway, and the fine for a moderate speeding (between 150-170 km/h, 93-106 mph) is around 30k local money, a bit over $100. and to get a ~$1000 fine, you have to drive over 240 km/h (150 mph) on a freeway with a speed limit of 130 km/h.

in some countries, fines are related to the person's salary. dunno about uk rules too much, but that might have influenced lemina's fine.


Mar 6, 2007

He had the fine reduced to something like £2000 on a technicality.

And yes, the initial fine was down to his salary. You are fined a number of week's salary for various offences, on top of the standard penalty fine.


Trumpf Puur
Feb 21, 2017


Jul 2, 2005
I just got caught driving 66km/hrs (or was it 69?) in a zone limited to 50km/hrs with my 35yrs old crippled Vespa and I had to pay 600 swiss francs (=530euros).

It sucks, but I’m okay that driving over the limit causes expensive fines here, it‘s a dangerous shit thing.
Damn, that's expensive too. Never got a ticket myself, they're generally 200-300€ depending on conditions (not salary though).

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