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Sep 13, 2011
Mafia 2015.5 || 'Tuz: The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a man that could speak every language in the world. He had a very weird fetish for some Italian team. Despite knowing so many languages he could barely speak to anyone though. His typical conversationalists would talk only about:

-EPL mate!! Best league in the world hands down! Money,money,money. Players love the climate and fans here!
-Po co mam kibicować zagranicznej drużynie?? LEEEGIA JEST MISTRZEM POLSKII
-Die Bayern sind die beste Mannschaft. Deutschland Deutschland über Alles, zwei Kartoffeln das ist Alles.
-Messi Messi Ronaldo Messi, Real Barca, Messi, Ronaldo, Messi Messi, Messi
-Juve? Juve merda! Ladri!
-Padacha, peredatsha, udaaaar po varotam! ADIN ADIN, strafnoi
-الله أكبر

A man was slowly dying inside. Even his beloved bigos couldn't make him smile. He stopped going out, was not answering the phone calls. A passion for his hobby was slowly going away. This man's name was @Martin.

One day, a brilliant idea came to his mind. He was going down the street when he saw an awkward looking book in the shop window.


'Why not?' he thought. Not so long after this, he created his own forum. : For Juventus Fans Worldwide.
Forum was not a success at first. People preferred to sit on some online chats, so Martin spammed about his 'child' all over the web. Reddit, 4chan or were not a thing those days, so people actually started joining his forum.

Massive influx of users started. People joined from countries all over the world, like:
Malta: Klin
USA: Kyle, Jihadi John, ALC
Belgium: Zacheryah
UK: Kate
Australia: Salvo
Denmark: Voller, Maddy
Austria: Ocelot
UAE: Fred
Iran: Hoori
Canada: Fr3sh
Argentina: X
Croatia: Alen
Poland: radekas
Netherlands: Bezzy
Russia: Juventino[RUS]
India: WΏΏdy?
Israel: Tomice

Martin was in heaven. He could discuss about his favourite team now. In all languages he wanted! He could debate with native speakers, or people who make 3 mistakes writing 'effort'. With people who express themselves via smilies/gifs, or the ones that don't know what an emoticon is. With a one-liners lovers, or people with a 'every post must look like an essay' disease. Place looked like a paradise. Rumour has it Martin became a millionaire as well. He is supposedly getting paid for posting viagra, penis enlargement or fake IDs commercials on forum from time to time.
The idyll ended today. A group of unindentified users hacked Martin's account and changed his password. When he tries to login he gets an error with this weird drawing.


Martin posted a video about this on his yt channel. I will translate this for you cause he speaks in French.

"Hello all,
some unidentified culprits decided to mess with my 'comfort zone'. I've received an email stating that the site will be completely deleted. The problem is i can prevent this
only from my account and i have no access to it. Yesterday during my yoga classes (... irrelevant ...).
So please, help me find the Gs that are responsible for this. I really need to retrieve my 'comfort zone'."

'Tuz members decided to help Martin. 'Me and my sis will do everything to find the Gs' said Klin. Jihadi John promised to blow them up, ALC to involve his Mexican gang while
Kyle had his moment of confession: 'I used to be a major pothead and maybe thats why im kinda dumb, but we need to help Martin.'
Zach decided to hunt down every person with a Gucci purse, Kate started to write this story down to use it in the next Mafia game while Salvo uploaded his new selfie with a bottle of beer.
Voller decided this is a great opportunity to get new friends, since it's hard to have them when your hobbies are NFL, cycling and dolphins. Ocelot turned on his Dell XPS and started looking for suspicious posts while listening to his favourite song 'Woki mit deim Popo'. Fred was happy at first that the place where he gets so much abuse is going down, but then realised that out of 4 forums he liked, Juventuz is his favourite. Due to his phobia related to a certain number, he decided to help as well. Hoori promised to help right after she decides if Siamak is a DA or not, Fr3sh... tried to help as well.

'i just wanna throw it out there than any attempt to steer subjects to petty 'gang' squabbles will earn the perpetrator infractions' said X. Alen promised to take his kids to the water park when the situation will be resolved, while radekas aka radecat aka radegast promised to use his cat senses. Bezzy said she will do everything to help Martin, which got Badass excited. RUS summed it up:

'When there are problems on Tuz
you need to call RUS
American brain in Russian body
suck my deck everybody!'

WΏΏdy? created a vbookie event with odds of 1.01 on catching the Gs, Tomice promised to stop singing 'Ice Ice Tommy' (that's where his username comes from) if the Gs will be caught and Maddy quickly created an account for his baby before it's too late.

The story was created before the draw and has no bearing on anyone's role.​

The Rules


We have 20 players. There are 16 Cs (including the Detective, Jailer, Lawyer and Bodyguard) and 4 Gs (including the Crooked Cop and Recruiter), but have in mind that Gangsters are able to recruit someone over the course of the game.

The Daytime will run from 11:00-21:00 CET. The first Daytime will begin on Saturday, 11:00.

During the Daytime, you should all be posting and trying to figure out who to lynch that day (i.e. try and find the gangsters). To vote for someone to lynch, please put their name in Bold. Only bolded votes cast between 11:00- 21:00 will count.
ATTENTION: 20:59 is the last minute for the vote to count, votes dated 21:00 won't count.

The Daytime is also when the Gangsters will send me their whack. You should decide amongst yourselves who you would like to whack, and PM me a name before the end of the day.
The Jailer can jail someone at any point between 11:00 and 17:00.

The Nighttime is for the special roles (Detective, Crooked Cop) to get their information. The Detective can ask me about someone during the Daytime, but they will not receive a response until the Nighttime.

NO POST EDITING. If I see that someone has edited a post with their vote, it won't count.

NOTE: The special roles cannot use their powers until voting begins on Saturday.

NOTE2:If you forget to post less than five times a day twice, you'll be autolynched.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you have not received your role or if you have any technical questions, do not say so in the thread. PM me instead.

The Players

1. Klin - whacked Day2 - Lawyer
2. Kyle
3. Jihadi John - lynched Day3 - Recruiter
4. Zacheryah
5. Kate - autolynched Day6 - Civilian
6. Salvo
7. ALC
8. Voller - protected by the bodyguard Day4
9. Ocelot - whacked Day1 - Civilian
10. Fred - lynched Day4 - Civilian
11. Hoori
12. Fr3sh - lynched Day5 - Civilian
13. X - saved by the lawyer Day1 ; - whacked Day3 - Civilian
14. Alen - lynched Day2 - Gangster
15. radekas
16. Bezzy - autolynched due to the private situation Day2 - Civilian
17. Juventino[RUS]
18. Maddy
19. WΏΏdy? - whacked Day5 - Civilian
20. Tomice


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Jul 12, 2011
WΏΏdy?;5043014 said:
If radekas was a rookis that would have been a own goal :D I'll still have my eye on him just because i have nothing else to do.

I see it's normal for all the G's to be quiet in the begining of the game, no?
Is what we do mane.

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