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Jul 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
In a final effort to clean up the classy thread, post all your immature, disgusting toliet humor here! Unmoderated.

Out of curiousity: what happened again, that you decided to add such thread? :angel:
I hope you will reply, but maybe you won't visit it again :sigh:;)

Oh sorry, I just can't help, when I read first post here :):D


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Jul 25, 2001
All right, how about this one. It's quite popular though - so you may have already heard it.

There's a man on a nude-beach, enjoying the sun when suddenly, a little girl comes around the corner. The man quickly takes his newspaper and puts it over his genital area.

The girl comes up to him and asks: "What have you got under that newspaper, sir?"

"Erm ... a bird!" Replies the guy and the little girl leaves again.

The man falls asleep and wakes up several hours later, only to find he has a HUGE pain in his crotch.

He gets to a hospital and the doctor takes a look.

- "What the hell have you done? I've never seen anything like this before!"

- "I dunno", says the guy. "All I know is that I fell asleep on the beach and when I woke up, it hurt!"

- "Did anyone see you?"

- "Just a little girl", replies the man.

- "I'll ask a police-officer to take a look then", says the doctor.

Later, a policeman finds the girl on the beach and asks her if she has seen a man this afternoon.

"Yes, I did", says the little girl.

"What happened?", asked the officer.

"Well, the man had a bird under his newspaper so when he fell asleep, I returned to take a look at it. So I petted it, but it spat on me so I broke it's neck, crushed it's eggs and set it's nest on fire!"
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