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Jul 30, 2003
are u kiding me? ... Trez is the only striker we had... the deal is rubbish... we give them two player who is tactically important and have no subtitute elsewhere in our team for a host of their flops?

that deal is insane..

a more appropriate deal would be miccoli and camoranesi for those players..


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Apr 3, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Juve100% ] ++

Its in Italian, but it basically says that Juve will hand over Nedved & Trezeguet to Barcelona in exchange for Saviola, Motta, Gabri and Rochemback (which is on loan to Sporting Lisbon at the mo)

why do i feel like we would have the bad end of this deal :(
nedved and trez..??
why don't we give them dp,dv,miccoli and buffon too??

they might want them too:confused:
sounds like a good idea!


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Apr 22, 2003

btw u might've answered, but i never get to read ur responses dude. What suburb u from?


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Jan 24, 2003
So do I. The don't really have anyone other than Puyol that I can see Juve actually buying, and the Barca cules would lynch their directors if that happened.


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Oct 30, 2001
Am I the only one that would like this deal to happen? Nedved is ageing fast and Trez is crap! where's the downside?

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