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Feb 21, 2017
And now, Benfica wonderkid João Félix has highlighted another affliction pro ballers are expected to endure nowadays – being sent unsolicited nude photographs by their female fans on Instagram.

“I get some [nudes], it’s true, but I always reject it,” Félix told Portuguese TV presenter Rui Maria Pego.
Now we know why he rejected those nudes from his female fans.

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Apr 25, 2013
Instead of Icardi (or Chiesa), this kid should be signed.

Signing Icardi would cause a huge brouhaha with Interisti committing mass harakiri, but considering the bigger picture, a pseudo-Figo 2.0 isn't worth it with this insignificant bunch.

News-wise would be a huge shakeup but sign the next Ronaldo. And Max needs to get onboard re playing a F9.

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