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Jul 16, 2018

I know this is his clause but do you really think Benfica would ask for 120M? He is still a teen and he isnt as proven as Mbappe + He is a Benfica player not some rich football club like Tottenham City Real PSG or even a slightly less rich than them...

LFV will take about 60M probably. 120M is a lot of speculation but Mendes is on it.

Ideally I would prefer him to hold one more season.


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Dec 31, 2002
I doubt we will bid 120M for a player like Joao Felix
He is still a teen and way unproven on the big stage..
120M is Dybala`s price but the difference is Dybala is proven..
We bought Dybala for 40M IIRC so with the inflation + knowledge we are dealing with Benfica and not Palermo its at least 20M-30M so I guess his price is going to be 60M-70M but I doubt his price would be more than that...

On another piece of news De Ligt will play for one of the best clubs in the world - It has been said on FI - They said its good news as it suggests it is us (although I really dont understand why one of the best clubs in the world must be us as there are Barca Real Bayern PSG City...) Put aside Bayern - All are more than capable paying such a fee for him..
I say put aside Bayern as they are more conservative in their approach most of the times..

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Good thing we got Ramsey on a free so we can spend entire budget on another attacking player:baus:
Ramsey when on form is one of the best in his position the problems are:
1. He is not always on form
2. He is mister glass (he is not evil he just gets injured way to frequently..)

He will be a good signing though - creative is not something we have extra of..
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Mar 3, 2014
Don’t hate me for this...but he reminds me a bit of Totti. You can’t manufacture intelligence and vision. He has that and skill - I think he looks like a keeper. We should absolutely make him a priority.

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Apr 13, 2009
I've never seen this guy , but from YouTube he doesn't look nothing special.

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