Houssem Aouar - M LC - Lyon (2 Viewers)


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May 6, 2012
If a midfielder's good he succeeds everywhere. I find it funny that some view Italy as that mystical place.

Apparently the main gripe with Aouar is that he needs to be more consistent. He shows up in big games though
He just didn’t give a fuck about the league this season. In other words he is a perfect fit we don’t show up for the league games anymore


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Jul 14, 2006

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Where the fuck is @Wittl

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Also, @Post Ironic has been Awol :sad:
Please don't mention them. @Wittl is OK but @Post Ironic...

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Just saw the video. Kid reminds me of Platini and Pirlo as regards passing. Plus he appears to be faster than them. Neither Pirlo nor Platini was famed for aerial duels.
Wow there, dude. You comparing this guy to the finest players ever in their positions? I mean I didn't watch Aouar but I doubt he will become THAT good.

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I don't like his first name.
Racist. :angrymob:

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Jan 28, 2013
I read something that he was wanted by Man City and us and the recent court issues with Man city have push us to the forefront on him currently.


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May 5, 2004
Me thinking, I want to watch Aouar in game. Search my cable for Ligue 1 replay game in beinsport. Found Lyon vs Nantes

Auoar only show up with 1 header save by keeper. Lyon lost 0-1. Not really exciting afterall

Found another game, Brest vs Lyon. He is not in starting line up

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May 29, 2005
Houssem Aouar is increasingly a Juventus target for the upcoming market. He's also followed by Real Madrid and Manchester City while Lyon will sell for €50m. Aouar is interested in trying an experience in Italy. [CdS]

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