Greatest player of all time and why (2 Viewers)


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Oct 10, 2006
I'm with the Pélé lobby. He was an outstanding player, miles ahead of everyone else in that time, he is untouchable as the number 1. Somehow like Elvis...


Nov 26, 2006
I'd go for Cruyff cos not only was he an unbelievable player he was also one of the greatest football thinkers of all time, see the major part he played in creating the idea of total football.


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Jun 25, 2003
It's not Del Piero. He's my all time favorite, but saying he's the greatest of all time is a bit much IMO. The problem with these competitions is that while Maradona and Pele could win a game on their own, that simply wasn't possible for players from the 90's onwards. Thus you cannot compare Zidane to Maradona. IMHO Zidane is probably the best player there has been so far. But that's because he was more trained than Maradona. Who knows what could have happened, had Maradona received the same professional treatment?

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