Jun 17, 2011
Did he play as LW when we won against Atletico last season? His assist for Cristiano and his run before he's fouled for penalty, both starts from the left
Transfermarkt says AM.
You're more likely to have an orgy with Salma Hayek, Asa Akira, and Jessica Alba than Berna is to score a hat-trick in any game, not even on the Playstation.
I beg your pardon, that's my wife! :stuckup:
Jun 9, 2012
Just ship him out already. First Khedira, second Rugani and Berna the third. Such a frustrating player, so dumb. Like, how can a professional footballer make always wrong decisions? No speed, no passing, no crossing, just pass it back. What the hell is his job on that wing?

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