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Jan 26, 2009
That shoot sums it all up. Managed to be even worse than the games before, which should be impossible. The football iq of a lizard and the skill of drunken sailor with the ball. Give the man a guitar and let him sing sad songs in the streets
He should take Matuidi with him. They'd form an interesting double act. Black and White clowns courtesy of JJ Medical.


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Dec 31, 2002
Napoli rumored to have asked for Bernardeschi in a potential swap for Milik although Bernardeschi might object.
If its true - Since we are going for Milik anyway and Berna is crap we should push him like Barca pushed Arthur until he accepted the move.

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The question now is: how do you sell such a useless dud?
Swap him for another overrated dud..

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