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Nov 16, 2001
What are your favourite sports? Playing and watching.

My favourite playing sport is not football actually, it is Ice-hockey. Probably because I am better at it. In hockey I can go in fullspeed and have fullcontrol and go past a few players and then be tackled without getting hurt. In football I haven't got that control. But football is my second. If you consider skateboard a sport that would be third.

The sport I prefer to watch is most definetly football. After that it is harder, I think it would be basketball, hockey and Baseball.

Which ones are yours?

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Jun 4, 2003
thank you very much for starting this, calle :)

to watch :

1.football, i am addicted :D

2.figure skating


4.tennis, even if i find it boring sometimes




to play :

1.badminton, here i'm the best :star:

2.football, only as goalie :D





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Jul 13, 2002
To Watch :

1- Football

To Play :
1-it has to be football because i am better at it than any other sports.


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Jul 25, 2001
What tops every list (watching and playing) for me is swimming. I like trying to set record times (personal records, then cuz I'm not that good) but I really love swimming in a rough sea. In summer times, when the water is fairly warm and there are thunder storms you'll probably find me in the sea. Underwater currents are really great to 'float' on and I've recently mastered that technique :cool:
Watching swimming on TV is something I enjoy too. I'm being really spoiled at the moment with the WC in Barcelona!

Second is water polo! I can never stay out of it when there's a game going on at a swimming pool or beach I'm at. Either I fanatically support or even join in but this is one great sport! :cool:

Third has to be football but I can't play that, I can only watch due to a knee injury. So that's a bit of a downer.

Fourth comes in ice hockey. Again to watch as it's a fairly rough sport and wouldn't do my knee any good. Great sport nevertheless!

Then other sports I love (in order of appreciance): surfing, beach volley, rugby and ice-skating.

Does anyone else hate weight-lifting? I went to the gym a while ago to build up some muscle mass but, man, this is boooring! :yawn:


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Jun 4, 2003
@alex : you must be really strange, man :D you like watching chess and not playing it ? this would kill my nerves :scared:

@erik : i'm sorry for your injury :down: , i hope it's not so tough as i think

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