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Oct 28, 2010
England's 1000th international game tonight. This is the all-time XI picked by BBC voters:


Presumably some kind of joke having Beckham ahead of Stanley Matthews, but that's more to do with era and age of voters. Same reason why Ferdinand is ahead of Billy Wright.

Gerrard on talent should be ahead of Gazza but he never got to his Liverpool levels in an England shirt. None of that midfield did, Scholes and Lampard included.
beckham was incredible tho. One of the best passers of the ball.

and yeah, based on talent all of gerrard, lampard, and scholes should be there.


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Sep 4, 2006
:agree: thats why the Euros is such a great tournament. Good thing i work full time now and will miss most of it


Jun 17, 2011
very much so. i have a new job so days have gone from 6 hours to 8.

still spend most of the time on my phone though :p
I used to have matches play in the background while I worked, would watch a few minutes here and there. It was better than nothing as I got to see the big moments and get a general idea of how the match is going.


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Apr 17, 2013
Wow, you can get some really tough groups here

We already know some of the groups.

Group A: Italy, team from pot 2, team from pot 3 , Finland or Wales

Group B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland or Wales

Group C: Ukraine, Netherlands, team from pot 3, play off winner league A, C or D

Group D: England, team from pot 2 , team from pot 3, play off winner league C or D

Group E: Spain, team from pot 2, team from pot 3, play off winner league B

Group F: Germany, team from pot , team from pot 3 , play off winner league A, C or D

Host country already qualified in bold

The pots of the teams who do not know their group

pot 2: France, Poland, Switzerland and Croatia
pot 3: Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Sweden and Czech Republic
pot 4: Wales, Finland, winner of the Ligue A play-offs, winner of the Ligue B play-offs, winner of the Ligue C play-offs, winner of the Ligue D play-offs

The four "mini-tournaments"

League A: Iceland and three teams from Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary and Romania

League B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Ireland and Northern Ireland

League C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia and Bulgaria or Israel or Hungary or Romania

League D: Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Byelorussia

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