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Dec 16, 2004
big disrespect from iceland

Turkish football team get "racist" welcome in Iceland
A scandalous welcome for the Turkish national football team at Iceland's airport has been dubbed as "racist", "rude", "disrespectful" and "offensive".

"Racist", "rude", "disrespectful" and "offensive". These are just some of the words used by a player and fans to describe the repulsive treatment of Turkey's national football team at Iceland's airport on Sunday.

The team are in the country for a Euro 2020 qualifying fixture, which they will play on Tuesday night.

After landing in the country's Keflavik Airport, the team were not allowed to leave for over three hours, and Icelandic airport officials gave no reason for this.

To add fuel to the fire, the immigration control took a very long time to process the passports of players and staff.

The team were eventually allowed to exit the airport with their luggage in tow.

While speaking to media on his way out, Turkish captain Emre Belozoglu was accosted by a man who held a toilet brush to his face as a makeshift microphone.

Belozoglu ignored the intentional provocation and told media, "We were searched more than once which was unnecessary, and we were told to wait until now."

But a much angrier response came from vice captain Burak Yilmaz.

"What they have done is disrespectful and rude! We have been waiting here for three hours. They took everyone's bags and even everyone's cosmetics. They searched it again and again. We flew for 6.5 hours and we've waited for three hours."

Icelandic officials and UEFA are yet to comment.
Biggest no-story of the tournament so far. First of all, the guy with the brush was a tourist at the airport (not an Icelander). Also it took the Turkish players 2 hours to get from the plane and to the hotel in Reykjavik which is perfectly normal when travelling from non-EU airports.

Anyway good game tonight.

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