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Nov 21, 2005
will check this out :tup: ;)

2 mins in and "mind blown" thanks for passing this by me Abel :beer: :tup: @GordoDeCentral

I personally liked the 2009 French docu-series in regards to World War II called Apocalypse: The Second World War, lots of interesting original footage.
thank you! i love that docu-series its one of the best. if you are interested in ww2 documentaries i recommend you watch the third riech the rise and fall :tup:


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Feb 21, 2015
Wild Wild Country on Netflix is really good @Osman

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Especially for Muricans' :p @Maddy

The first episode of the documentary explores just how much preternatural bigotry the group faced when they arrived in town. Some may say the suspicions were earned by what everyone learned near the ending — that the Bhagwan had to flee India in order to avoid punitive action from the government, just like he later faced in the U.S. — but the local Antelope residents didn’t know any of that at the time.

They merely knew they had strange new neighbors, and they didn’t like them.

“Wild Wild Country” depicts a frightening level of intolerance that quickly breeds violence.The bombing drew first blood, and Oregon suspended the right to vote in order to preserve their status quo: Both actions are illegal. Both weren’t committed by Rajneeshees. So much of what happens in the docuseries stems from a fear of the unknown, and so much of what Sheela does is in reaction to that. In a country founded on religious freedom, there’s an institutional rejection of new practices before those new practices proved illegal.

That’s unnerving in its relevance — to immigrants, to minorities, to so many people who feel threatened under the current administration — and at the heart of the conflict is Sheela; a problem for everyone involved, but representative of a problem that still needs to be solved.


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Aug 30, 2002

Trying it out now before bed, looks freaky.


Sep 4, 2006
I watched first episode last night it was every bit as weird as i would expect from something rec'd by daidevil


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Apr 15, 2005
So over the last couple of months, i’ve binge watched multiple documentaries, almost entirely made by Al Jazeera.

My favourite one of the lot has to be ‘Lebanon : Sibling of Syria’. I’m not sure how objective it is, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Has a wealth of information that I wasn’t aware of previously. Other honourable mentions include ‘Israel’s hunt for the Red Prince’ and ‘Uk’s Modern Slave Trade’.

Al Jazeera also has this regular 101 East section where they have mini 25 odd minute reports/documentaries covering the eastern world. They’ve done pieces on most countries on this side of the globe highlighting one issue or the other. ‘South Korea’s Hangover’ is a personal favourite from this section. Had no idea that Koreans were such big drinkers.

Also watched ‘Meet the Stans’. Its a BBC travel documentary about the 5
Central Asian countries by Simon Reeve. I was only able to find the parts on Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Krygstan on youtube.. i looked around for the ones on Tajikistan and Turkmenistan but couldn’t find them sadly. I dont know if the documentary was never completed or if the missing parts simply didn’t make it online. Good watch either way.

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Feb 21, 2015

The Girl in the beginning of the vid knew what was going to happen.

The nonchalant chit-chat between the officials whilst students are already drowining...Let alone the Catpain telling them to stay put instead of calling them up on deck...


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Nov 21, 2005
watched a couple of interesting doc's on netflicks:

1- dirty money: VW tdi diseal engine scandal. pretty cool
2- dirty money: the confidence man ( about trump). nothing not discussed in other doc's so I can't say I was surprised by the info.
3- fyre. fascinating although some of the victims and the influencers were really pretentious the organizer who is called Billy is a total moron :D

however nothing comes close to this last one which i have still not finished:

wild wild country. this last one is truly one of the most insane documentaries/stories I have ever seen. I am currently just watching episode two of season 1.

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